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ESA Owners' Critical Responsibilities - 2021 Guide

Being an ESA letter can help to relieve stress depression and cope up with many mental health issues. But you must not forget that you have responsibilities too. 



At home


Remember that you are not only bringing your emotional support animal to your house just because you need them to cope with mental health issues. You also have to take care of them and provide them comfortable homes. Now the question arising in your mind must be how to take care of them when at home? Here are some ways described for you. 


Keeping them safe


The first responsibility you have is to keep the emotional support animal-safe. Make sure that your emotional support animal has a proper place to sleep and eat. If your landlord or housing authority objects keeping emotional support animals then show them the ESA letter. Many people keep more than one animal. In that case, you must make sure all the animals are comfortable living in the same house. 


Taking care in different seasons


As human requirements change in different seasons, in the same way, the emotional support animals also need to be taken care of according to the season. When it is winter, you must make sure that your emotional support animal is kept warm. Similarly, when it is too hot, be sure to keep them at well-ventilated places. Good health of the emotional support animal is your primary responsibility. 


Take them to the doctor


If the emotional support animal catches a disease or is injured then you must take them to the veterinary doctor. You must also take them for regular check-ups every month or so. If the doctor prescribes any specific medicine or suggests a special diet, then you must follow it.


Offering them good quality food and freshwater


You must manage to get good quality food as well as freshwater for your emotional support animal. These days, there are various types of food and water dispensers available. You can also get good quality food for the animal from the pet stores. These let an adequate amount of food out for the emotional support animal at a specific time. Likewise, fresh and clean water is available to them all the time.


When taking them out


When you are taking the emotional support animal out to the public places, you have to remain alert that they stay disciplined and under your control. In case your ESA is not under your control, you will be asked to leave. 


Training them a little


You are not required to train your emotional support animal, however, it is recommended that you train them a little. When you take them out to unfamiliar places, it is quite possible that they become afraid. So you can train your emotional support animal a little so that they remain under your control in public places. You do not have to get them through any rigorous training. Just teach them a few simple things: sit, stand, walk, stop, and such. In addition to this, keep the gloves and plastic bag with you, for when they make a mess or puke. 


Check if the ESA is welcomed


So you must be careful as well when taking the emotional support animal out to the crowded places. You must learn before time whether the place you are going to will welcome your emotional support animal. In case, there is a possibility that your emotional support animal will be let in, you must bring the emotional support animal letter with you. So that in case, you are asked for it, you will not have to go back and bring it. In addition to this, you can also get your emotional support animal a vest to identify them easily.


Taking care of them


Your emotional support animal does not only have to take care of you but you also have to make sure that you provide them comfort and love. They do not demand much from their owners but you still take care of them in all the possible ways. You can take care of them in a number of ways. 


Taking them for walks


Among other responsibilities, one major responsibility is to keep the emotional support animal healthy and fit. A number of emotional support animals must be taken out for walk and exercise so that they remain physically fit. Many emotional support animals do not need you to take them out often and keep playing at home. Schedule walks for them according to their needs. 


Grooming them


Now, this responsibility covers a lot of things, depending upon the species of the emotional support animal. For instance, if you have a thick-haired dog then you must think about shaving their hairs a bit when needed. Grooming also depends on the current season and the needs of the emotional support dog letter. If you have an emotional support animal with claws, then you must trim them regularly. 


Giving them baths


Almost all the emotional support animals will need you to give them a bath once in a while. The time period between each bath depends on the haircoat and temperature. 


Giving them toys


Even though most of the emotional support animals play with whatever they find around the house. But it would be nice to give them the toys to play. You will be able to find all sorts of toys at the pet stores which are not even expensive. 


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